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A few years back, I found my way into photography and it’s been an amazing ride ever since! While it is not my main source of income, I still am amazed at how many people contact me, to pay me for my photography work. Just 5 years ago the majority of the photos I had saved were funny memes on my phone, now I have external drives, yes plural…backing up archives of client and personal photography files.

I am always interested in taking on a photography project, and letting that creative side run wild. I only wish I had found this love for photography earlier in life, but I am stoked to see where the future will take me. I provide services from wedding and engagement photos, headshots and graduation photos, to real estate photography and creative projects along with my cosplay work.

Cosplay photography and what I am mostly known for and something that I enjoy capturing for my own artistic outlet but be sure to contact me to see if I can be of service to you in your photography needs.


One thing you’ll notice right away is that I do a lot of cosplay photography, what is cosplay, you ask? Cosplay is an activity where people called “cosplayers” create and wear costumes to represent a specific character, either original or one that they enjoy watching or reading about. Favorite sources include anime, cartoons, comic books, manga, television series, and video games. Being that I began this journey near Orlando, where there is a massive cosplay community, I quickly fell into cosplay photography as my niche for creative photography and began to make a name for myself working with plenty of truly amazing people!


Working with cosplayers to capture and celebrate all of the fandoms out there is always such a great time and with all of the options for character poses and props/weapons available it makes for a much more creative session


My main goal in capturing cosplay art has always been to try and envision that character and how it should be captured to fit their story or world. Whether it be a dark and cold Gotham style look, or a bright and vibrant comic look


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  • Justin Sparapani
    "Jeff is the best in this business. Extremely easy to work with, has an incredible eye and really captures exactly what you’re looking for"
    Justin Sparapani
  • Megan Martin
    "Jeff is amazing!!! My son is autistic and Jeff was extremely patient and went with the flow. Jeff was able to capture the most amazing, wonderful photos. We will definitely be using Jeff for all our family photos!!"
    Megan Martin
  • Holtsclaw Cosplay
    "Jeff is an amazing photographer! He captures every detail and brings out the best qualities in every photo he takes. I’ve had the privilege to shoot with him twice now and both times have turned out perfect! Thank you so much!"
    Holtsclaw Cosplay
  • Nick Dilallo
    "Not sure where to start really. I have yet to meet another photographer that I love this much. That's Jeff though. The best at his craft. So easy to work with. He knows exactly what you want, even when you dont know what you want. His shots are so clean the moment he takes them. He amazes me every time we shoot. Highly recommended. Incredible photographer and even better person. Thanks Jeff!"
    Nick Dilallo
  • Carrina Bee
    "Jeff is so professional and kind! His work speaks for itself because all of his photos are phenomenal!"
    Carrina Bee
  • Tabs G
    "Jeff is so professional as a photographer. Ive come back to him countless times because shoots with him are always so fun and great. He takes the time to tell me how to reposition myself to get a better photo or asks if he can adjust my wig or something. Hes so respectful during and after the shoot and gets photos back with a very quick turn around. 10/10 recommend Jeff."
    Tabs G
  • Steph C
    "Jeff is outstanding! Every shoot with him has been very professional. He’s very good with angles and lighting. The edited photos I receive are always better than I could’ve imagined them to be. And he’s very quick at getting the photos out to you, as well as making them easily accessible for download. By far the best photographer I’ve worked with!"
    Steph C