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1. General Photography Questions

I am currently a Sony mirrorless photographer, now shooting on the A7R IV, most of my work is shot on my go-to lens, the Sony G-Master 85mm 1.4. Such beautiful bokeh with that lens and an all-around perfect lens for portraits.

My entrance into cosplay photography didn’t come until later that year at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, FL where I decided to go and take my camera along for the ride to document the convention (my first ever convention). From there I fell into cosplay photography as a niche based on my love for all of the fandoms and also the area I was in, the surrounding areas around Orlando are full of cosplayers. I have made so many amazing friends from my journey into it. I was truly sad when we decided to take a job offer I received to move to the Nashville, TN area, and I had to part with seeing them frequently.

Be respectful and professional. Learn and hone your craft. Shoot as much as you can, and be open to work with who you can in your area. Your early work will be just that, “early work” and using what you learn from those shoots you will only get better and better. Know your equipment and learn to get off of auto with your camera. Learning how to control light is probably one of the biggest milestones you can aim for. Once you know how to work with lighting, you will be unstoppable!

Honestly, whatever camera you would like to start on. I only advise you to look into the menu system of each camera you are looking at and take the time to watch at least an hour of YouTube videos pertaining to that camera. There is so much information out there for free on YouTube and Google!

2. Customer Questions

After we coordinate and meet for our photo session, based on how many photos I have to edit, usually I can have all of the edits digitally delivered to you in less than a week. I have a customer site that I use to deliver the images, so once I have completed them all and have them uploaded, I will send you an email with a link along with a PIN code to access the secured album where your photos are stored.

While my social media may lead you to believe that is all that I do, on the contrary, I happily do provide family photos, coverage for events and weddings, engagement sessions and graduation photos. Need headshots for a new business venture? Or a modeling portrait headshot to submit? I got you, I am always open to working with you to capture whatever you are in need of.

I currently do not have a physical studio location, if need be for a session, I will rent a space that fits the needs of the session. There are many available for hourly rental thru a couple websites that I know of.